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Endless Rope Pull Machine for Crossfit, Gym, Home

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Rope pull Fitness on a new level

When the term rope pull fitness falls, most think of battle ropes, rope climbing in the gym, train towers or other types of pulling apparatus. Hardly anyone thinks of an endless rope but an endless rope trainer is the perfect fitness machine for your rope pull fitness and below are the reasons why.

There are many general advantages of rope pull training:

  • High flexibility – Enormous number of rope pull exercises –
  • Training of intermuscular coordination
  • Gentle strength training in the area of rehabilitation
  • Training of complete motion sequences
  • Training of sport specific movements
  • Low risk of injury

But there are also disadvantages of rope pull training:

  • High space requirement – for battle rope training and rope climbing
  • Relatively high cost for good towing towers
  • No mobility of the fitness equipment – except battle ropes
  • Primary Training in the fitness room

The advantages of endless rope pull training

The BodyPro endless rope trainers solve these problems of rope pull training. The biggest advantage is the small size and mobility it offers. This rope trainer can be used indoors as well as outdoors wherever you have something to hang on. The BodyPro model comes with an anchor sling and a karabiner. So you can hang on every rack, pole, climbing frame, trees and much more and the rope pull training can start directly. The pulling exercises are possible from above, in the horizontal and from below, as with pulling towers. The adjustable resistance of the endless rope trainers makes both excellent strength training and demanding endurance training possible. Partner exercises as shown in the picture are also possible with the BodyPro rope trainer.


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