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Pronex Cervical Traction Device

by Pronex
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Easy to use cervical traction treatment patients can take in the comfort of their homes.
Pronex helps patients successfully manage their cervical condition by relieving pain, reducing muscle spasms, and decompressing spinal structures.

Pronex is the only traction device that uses a bellows technology to provide a gentle, even distraction of the cervical spine. The Pronex design supports the cervical spine's natural curve and provides two unique design advantages: inline and counter traction. This combination creates an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs providing better overall treatment.

Additionally, because traction force is created by pressure applied to the occiput and the trapezius muscles, there is no strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Support and versatility:
Pronex cradles the head and neck on two soft foam cushions. One cushion supports the back of the head, and the other rests against the top of the shoulders. An air-inflated bellows between the foam provides up to 35 lb. of continuously adjustable traction. As the bellows expand, the patient's head moves upward and supports the cervical curve, maintaining an even force that creates space between the cervical vertebrae. Patients have total control over the amount of traction applied. Squeezing the single-hand inflator bulb increases the pressure; a release knob gently reduces it. While Pronex offers the advantage of inline traction, lateral neck flexion of 15 and 22 degrees can also be obtained by utilizing the flexion wedge. The Pronex traction unit provides up to 35 lbs of continuously adjustable traction.

User-friendly and without restraints:
Pronex is portable, comfortable, and convenient. There is no assembly, no weights, no cables, no springs or levers. It is also restraint-free. These features combine to encourage regular use by the patient at home, helping to break the chronic pain cycle.

Clinical considerations:
Pronex offers advantages over other, more traditional cervical traction options, including over-the-door traction, rigid pneumatic traction devices, and manual manipulation.


The Pronex Cervical Traction Device is intended to treat a musculoskeletal or neurologic impairment of the cervical spine to relieve pain, relax muscle spasms, and decompress spinal structures. Traction Therapy systems are generally not eligible for return - however, they are protected by a minimum six-month warranty.

Cervical traction should be avoided in any cervical spine condition where movement can aggravate the condition or result in spinal instability, spinal injury, and nerve root injury at risk for causing paralysis or ischemia.


Please review the Instructions For Use included with the Pronex Pneumatic Traction.

IMPORTANT: Traction should never cause pain. A stretching sensation or some slight discomfort may be felt during treatment. If pain is increased in the neck, back, arms or legs, or if you experience dizziness, nausea, or any other type of pain or discomfort during or after treatment, discontinue use immediately and consult your health care provider before further use.


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